Friday, May 13, 2016

Summer goal

I turned a page from one of my favorite books.
 Right in front of me was my Summer goal.

                                                        Ann Voskamp
                                                         Colorful flowers all in a row.        

True Love.


White puffy clouds against blue sky.

In giving thanks I am filled  with joy and I am untouchable.

      Pictures that tell a story.

Music on slow morning.

Hot fresh whole made bread.

       Laundry blowing in the breeze.

Reading God's word in the afternoon

Inside plants all in green.

Scripture that point the way.

A layer of fog on cornfield

Golden apportunites to serve.

Grass running through my fingers.

Dancing buttercups on a windy day.

Peaceful waters.

New life in Spring time.

Food on the table.

                                                                                   Rain drops at night.

                                                                                   Spiritual leaders.

                                                                                   Cold coffee on a hot Summer afternoon.


                                                                                    A sink load of dirty dishes( family)
                                                                                   " Change how you see not what you see."

                                                                                    Accomplished school books.

                                                                                    The feeling of the wind just before rain.


                      Tightly held wild flowers.

                     The smalll hands of a child in mine.

                     Old and new books stacked in a row.

Psalms that come to mind during the night.

A wide range of colorful tulips in full bloom.

                                                                                    Eyes that are starting to see God.

                                                                                    Singing sewing machines.

                                                                                    Sun on piano keys.

                                                                                    Sleeping puppy.

                                                                            A red headed woodpecker looking for bugs.

Lets take time this Summer girls to slow down and give thanks.

" The day you end the fight the devil is going to move in."